Yoga Fitness Center
123 West Alder St
Missoula, Montana


Level I Beginner Program:

The Level I Beginner Program is a program for beginners that is offered “on demand” throughout the year. The program is limited to 6 students and students attend class Monday through Thursday mornings.  The teacher offers in-depth, individualized instruction and tailors the class to the needs of the students.   Over the course of multiple weeks, the students learn the postures in the Ashtanga Primary Series, as well as the traditional pace and breathing style for the practice.  The goal is that students will learn the tools to incorporate a traditional mysore-style practice into their daily lives. Please contact the Yoga Fitness Center for more information on the dates for the next available Level I Beginner Program.

Mysore Practice:

During mysore practice, students may enter and leave the Ashtanga studio at any time during the mysore practice window. This is not a led class. Instead, each student practices a memorized sequence at his or her own pace.   The teacher’s role is to walk around the room and provide one-on-one guidance and adjustments to each student in a highly individualized manner. Because of highly individualized instruction, this class is appropriate for every level, including brand new beginners. If the student is not yet familiar with the Ashtanga sequence, the teacher will help the student learn and eventually memorize the sequence over time. This is the traditional way to practice Ashtanga.  Mysore classes are held Monday through Thursday mornings.

Led Primary:

The Led Full Primary class is led by a teacher. The class includes sun salutations, standing poses, all of the seated poses in the Ashtanga Primary Series, and closing poses that include backbends, shoulder stands, and head stands. The teacher counts the practice at a steady pace and provides verbal cues for the poses and correct breathing method.  The full led primary class is offered Friday and Sunday mornings.

Investigating Ashtanga:

The Investigating Ashtanga class is our evening class that is intended to provide a space for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  The teacher will tailor the class to the individual students that attend.  If beginners attend the class, the class will be geared towards beginners.  If more experienced students attend the class, the class will be geared toward those students.   In addition, we provide a dedicated space so that students with a personal mysore practice may do their mysore practice during this evening class.  Investigating Ashtanga is offered at different times throughout the year – see the schedule for more details.


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